Welcome, Nurses!

Today, with great excitement we fling open Nomad’s doors to nurses!

We have launched a private beta for travel nursing jobs, and as of this afternoon, nurses across the United States may request access to Nomad. Hundreds of top nurses have already signed up for free, and we are eager to welcome many, many more.

From the first day we conceived of Nomad, we imagined it as a place for all healthcare practitioners - doctors, nurses, NPs, PAs, and many others - to find rewarding work easily. As a doctor myself, I was fed up with the frustrations of the healthcare staffing system. The unsolicited phone calls. The endless emails, text messages, and even pages. The evasiveness of brokers. All of it was plain terrible.

Clearly, the traditional system was long overdue for an upgrade, so we built Nomad. We launched Nomad for doctors in the Spring of 2016, and today, we are thrilled to now welcome our wonderful nurse colleagues.

In a world where there are critical doctor and nurse shortages, our goal at Nomad is simple: make all healthcare jobs easy to find and easy to fill. Today, with the expansion into nursing, we push further down that pathway, and we are excited for many more expansions in the future.

So, welcome nurses! We are excited to have you join us in our mission to solve the clinician shortages that hamper our healthcare system’s ability to care for patients.

Visit nomadhealth.com/for-nurses to get started.


Alexi Nazem
Co-founder and CEO
Nomad Health