Top 7 Doctor Resume Best Practices + Free Templates!

From searching for jobs online, to video interviewing with employers, there’s no question that digitization has revolutionized the ways you can search for career opportunities - and how employers can look for, well, you!

But even in this high-speed, recruiter-free world, one thing remains the same: To land the job of your dreams, you still need a killer resume.

Read on for free best-in-class resume templates from Nomad, and the top tips for crafting a doctor resume that’s heads and tails above the rest.

Free Resume Templates for Doctors!

To jumpstart your doctor resume / CV creation, here are three of Nomad Health’s recommended resume templates free for you to download here.

Resume template previews.

The resume templates are fully editable and completely free. Enjoy!

Now that you have a template, here’s the top 7 ways to make your experience as a physician shine:

Tip #1: Be relevant, clear, and succinct.

Keep in mind that employers will be sifting through a lot of applications. This means that the amount of time they can spend on each one is limited. While it’s tempting to want to wow them with a ton of information, that actually makes it hard for readers to find the highlights quickly.

Make sure to emphasize the things that will be most important to them: key recent experiences, board certification or eligibility, specialty and state licensing.

From there, you can include all of your other important information including education history, residency, fellowships, etc. Make sure as you’re listing experiences to start with the most recent experience and work back from there. Organize your information under clear, bolded categories.

Tip #2: Strong action verbs are your friends.

Employers are looking for candidates who show motivation and can accomplish tasks. Let them know this is you by describing your experiences with words that prove you’ve done just that. Treated, diagnosed, researched, analyzed, developed, practiced, trained, taught—these are all verbs that fit the bill. Always write from the first person, though avoid using pronouns to refer to yourself. For example, for a current position on a resume, “I oversee a team” would be just “oversee a team.”

Tip #3: Scrap the objective statement.

Instead, put it on your Nomad profile in the personal description!

Including a statement at the top of the page as brief summary of how you’d describe yourself professionally and why you would be a great on the job is an old practice. But your resume is not the right place for that. It should instead jump right into showcasing all of your amazing accomplishments.

Your personal description is the best place for you to put this statement. You can include things like career or educational highlights you’re most proud of and that most relate to the work that you’re seeking, and then mention any relevant work environments or personal attributes (if you’re applying for a job at a hospital that serves non-English speaking patients, for instance, this would be a place to mention your language skills, for instance).

Tip #4: Begin with work experience.

Start this section with “Work Experience” or “Experience” in bold. For each entry, include the clinic or company name and location, your job title, and the dates of your employment on the first line.

Below that, list your accomplishments using action verbs where possible (along with big achievements, name some of the daily responsibilities you’re most proud of). If you’ve been practicing for decades and have held numerous positions, don’t worry about listing all of them, 3-5 is enough (include the most recent and any that directly relate to the job you’re seeking). If you’re just starting out, on the other hand, you can use this space to highlight internships, residency and fellowships, research work, and jobs in other fields.

Tip #5: Next up, share your education and license information.

Start with a section that includes your licenses and certifications. Make sure you include when you last renewed them or when they expire. Also include information about whether you’re board certified or board eligible.

Next, create two sections - one for your training and one for your medical information. In each section, for every school you add, include the name, degree you earned, and graduation year. Make sure to also include things like:

  • Any special honor or awards you earned
  • Noteworthy positions
  • Organizations you belonged to
  • Projects or coursework that relate to the jobs you’re looking for

Tip #6: Bring it all home with additional experience.

Think of this section as your chance to show off a little--it’s a space to include additional, relevant accomplishments that you’re proud of and feel help you stand out. Under “Additional Experience” you can add things like lab or volunteer work, research projects, and academic papers you’ve published. You may also want to devote a line each to specific language or technology skills.

Tip #7: Proper formatting make all the difference.

Even if your experiences can speak for themselves, if your resume doesn’t look professional, your potential employer might not even take the time to read over your resume.

Having a format that makes sense and clearly highlights all the important details of every experience makes it easy for the reader to find the key information that shows your abilities. Above we’ve included a few winning templates inspired by the resumes of doctors who have had the most success on our platform. You can download them for free and use them to help inspire your new killer resume!

And there you have it! Resume liftoff. Ready to launch yours?

If you need any additional help with improving your doctor CV or resume, or would just like expert eyes on yours, feel free to reach out to our Nomad Navigator team for additional support:

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Now go forth and create a winning resume!

The Nomad Team

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