Nomad Health Expands Into Full-Time Healthcare Jobs!

We started 2018 off with a bang raising a $12 million Series B round in February. Today, we are very excited to announce that we are expanding our platform beyond freelance to include full-time doctor jobs - making us the first online marketplace for doctors and medical employers to connect over freelance, telehealth, and full-time doctor jobs.

For permanent doctor hires, we charge a flat $10,000 fee, regardless of experience level, location, or specialty. That's up to 40-50% less than the percentage-based fees charged by agency recruiters. This adds up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings for hospitals, especially for specialties with highly competitive salaries.

Clinica Colorado, a primary care clinic providing care to underserved populations in Colorado, has been a part of our beta in 2018 to hire full-time doctors. In just a few months, Jill Schneider, Executive Director at Clinica has already found great success with Nomad.

"Nomad has changed how I hire. As an Executive Director, I don't have much time to spend recruiting and we've found other hiring methods to be too cumbersome. On Nomad, it is incredibly simple to post jobs and the technology is efficient and easy to use. It was exactly what I needed to simplify our hiring process.,” said Jill Schneider.

Beyond search, our platform provides users with the ability to message directly between candidates and employers, a team of Nomad Navigators to help candidates and employers with their search, and contract processing through the site. By reducing as much friction as possible, clinicians can spend less time in the recruiting process and more time doing the work they do best.

Dr. Joshua Emdur, a Family Medicine physician placed at Clinica Colorado, also found his digital experience on Nomad to be superior to paperwork and middlemen agency recruiters.

"Nomad allows physicians to search for openings and apply without having to constantly fill out new applications. Their new model of using tech to streamline the application process to improve the physician experience for finding jobs made a huge difference for me.” said Dr. Emdur.

Smart and effective staffing solutions are increasingly important in the face of a nationwide clinician shortage.

  • By 2030, the physician shortage in the United States will have risen to 121,300
  • As early as 2022, the nursing shortage will have soared to 1.2 million

We look forward to working closely with full-time doctor employers to help connect you to great doctors through Nomad.

For our existing Nomad doctors, we can’t wait to help you find a full-time opportunity! Click here to view our current full-time job openings.

And finally for clinicians that are new to Nomad and interested in full-time or other clinical job types, click here to join Nomad for free and start your recruiter-free job search.

As a company, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and provide the best experience for our users. If there is anything we can do to be better, faster and more delightful please feel free to email us at


The Nomad Team

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