Bye Bye Beta... Hello Nomad for Nurses!

Today, the entire team at Nomad is celebrating something we’ve been looking forward to since our nursing beta launch in February 2017. With great excitement, we are pleased to share that the Nomad marketplace for freelance travel nursing is coming out of private beta and going live to the public!

Thank you to all of our existing Nomad nurses for being patient as we worked to rapidly develop the best freelance hiring experience possible for you. After months of careful work and refinement, we are ready to introduce the first free marketplace of travel nursing jobs to the world. Say goodbye to recruiters, and hello to your next adventure!

Along with the end of our private beta come some exciting developments:

  • High-Paying Nursing Jobs in Texas

    Freelance nursing jobs on Nomad currently are concentrated in the state of Texas, which is one of the 25 Nurse Licensure Compact states. This means if you are licensed in one of these states, you already have a multistate license to work in Texas. And this is just the beginning. Nomad will continue expanding to more states across the U.S. all throughout 2017 and 2018. If we aren’t yet in the state you want to work in, we will be soon. So stay tuned and be sure to set up job alerts so you get notified about when we expand into your state.

  • New, Unparalleled Nursing Benefits

    All Nomad nurses will have access to best-in-class nursing benefits for free, including:

    • Highest pay rates in the industry (made possible by eliminating recruiters)

    • Free travel reimbursement, up to $1000 for job-related expenses

    • Free housing and utilities

    • Top notch medical, dental, and vision insurance plans

    • 401K plans & supplemental life insurance

    • Malpractice insurance

    • Free state licensure

    • Direct deposit payroll

    • And more...

  • 100% Transparent Job Search

    Unlike recruiters who purposefully withhold information, Nomad provides nurses complete transparency about job details, including actual pay rates, dates, facility names, and more. For any questions about jobs, nurses on Nomad can now directly message with the medical employer online to help clarify and negotiate pay rates.

  • 1st Flat Rate Pricing for Medical Employers

    Nomad is completely free for all clinicians, and significantly more cost effective for medical employers. We are thrilled to introduce an industry-first flat rate pricing model for medical employers, which results in cost savings of up to 30% per travel nursing hire. Learn more about our pricing options here.

Back in our beta launch blog post in February 2017, we shared how from Nomad’s inception, we imagined it as a place for all healthcare practitioners - doctors, nurses, and many others - to find rewarding work easily. In the context of today’s critical nursing shortage, our team is more committed than ever to reducing the burdens of administration so we can all focus on what matters most - taking care of patients.

For our existing Nomad nurses, we hope you love the new experience! For any first time nursing visitors, we encourage you to join Nomad for free and skip recruiters for your next travel nursing job search.

Huge thank you to all our clinicians who have given us immensely helpful feedback all along; you have directly helped to shape Nomad into what it is today.

As a company we are committed to continuous improvement of our products and services, so if there’s ever anything we can do to be better, faster, and more delightful, please shoot me an email at


Alexi Nazem, MD
Co-founder and CEO
Nomad Health

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