Introducing the First Telehealth Jobs Marketplace!

2017 has been a big year of firsts for our team at Nomad Health. In May, we expanded our freelance clinical jobs marketplace for the first time to doctors in Texas and California. Then in July, we launched the first nursing jobs marketplace.

And now today, we are absolutely thrilled to help drive the digital future or healthcare with something we have looked forward to all year - the launch of the very first online marketplace for telemedicine jobs! This means doctors and medical employers can now more easily find great telehealth work, and deliver digital care for patients from the comfort of their own home. Beam me up, Scotty!

We’re so excited to now showcase great telehealth jobs for doctors nationwide from over +10 telehealth employers, including American Well and First Stop Health. It’s the same seamless, agency recruiter-free job search experience our Nomads are use to, but now with broadened technology that connects doctors directly with telehealth employers.

Huge thank you to all of our Nomad clinicians and employers who have helped us by providing valuable feedback as we refined the process to get it ready for the world! As we celebrate this launch with all of you, here are a few reasons why telehealth is so important to us:

  • Over 65 million American currently live in “primary care deserts,” areas where access to primary care is either limited or non-existent. Expanding to telemedicine will allow us to help find and hire great doctors to serve patients remotely.
  • Telemedicine is projected to serve seven million patient users by 2018.
  • Approximately 90% of healthcare executives report that their organizations are already using or beginning to implement telehealth platforms.
  • Among consumers, 73% say they would discuss a health concern with a virtual doctor, and over half would use telemedicine for an annual physical exam.

For telehealth employers, we look forward to working closely with you to help provide patient care via telemedicine, as we have done with Roman, a new men’s health telemedicine company:

“Nomad has been an incredible resource for us,” says Zachariah Reitano, co-founder at Roman. “Not only is it an amazing product, but the physicians on the platform have gone above and beyond treating patients on Roman.”

For our existing Nomad doctors, we can’t wait to help you find your next telehealth opportunity! Click here to view our current telemedicine job openings, which include tele-urgent care, teledermatology, and telepsychiatry jobs.

And finally for clinicians that are new to Nomad and are interested in telehealth or other clinical job types, click here to join Nomad for free and start your recruiter-free job search.

As a company, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and provide the best experience for our users. If there is anything we can do to be better, faster and more delightful please feel free to email us at And subscribe to the blog to stay in-the-know as we continue to improve and expand our clinical jobs marketplace into 2018 and beyond!


The Nomad Team

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