Insider Alert 🚨: Brand New Jobs for Nurses!

We've added a bunch of new travel nursing jobs with competitive pay rates across a number of specialties and states.

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New Nursing Jobs!

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Nurse Manager for Hospice & Palliative Care - $1908/Week

Orthopaedics - $1908/Week


Emergency Room - $1908/Week


Medical-Surgical - $1836/Week


Home Health - $1800/Week


Home Health - $1800/Week

Hospice & Palliative Care - $1764/Week

New Hampshire:

Home Health - $1800/Week

Medical ICU - $1800/Week

Medical-Surgical - $1944/Week

Medical-Surgical - $2232/Week

Critical Care and Telemetry - $1944/Week

Clinical Coordinator - $1944/Week

New York:

Operating Room - $2592/Week

Oncology - $2160/Week

Psychiatry - $1872/Week


Home Health - $1800/Week


Emergency Room - $1944/Week

Telemetry and Medical-Surgical - $1800/Week

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