Hiring Tip for Healthcare Recruiters: Use A Recruiting Algorithm

"A recruiting algorithm increases the accuracy of selecting productive employees by more than 50%."

-Society for Human Resource Management

Nomad Recommendations:

Did you know? Nomad uses a smart matching algorithm to match you with the candidates who best match your needs.

To make the most of this algorithm:

  1. Add as much detail as possible to each job post. We match you with top candidates using the information you put in each job post. The more detail you put, the better we can find the best candidates for the job.

  2. Reach out to your matches. Once the algorithm has done its job, the baton is now passed to you! Take the initiative to reach out to the matches found for you, which are shown on each of your job post pages.

  3. Don't lose out on the matches that have shown interest. If a clinician has already applied for a job, you're already halfway there! If the candidate is a good match for your needs, make sure to reach out to them within 24 hours to keep the conversation going.

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