Hiring Tip for Healthcare Recruiters: Understand Your Employer Brand

"50% of recruiters don't understand their own employer brands."

-LinkedIn Employer Brand Book

Nomad Recommendations:

Know what makes up your brand. Your employer brand is defined by four factors. Ask yourself these questions to figure out what defines your brand:

  • Target Audience: Who are you trying to hire?
  • Selling Points: What attracts hires to your institution?
  • Timeline: Are you hiring for now or for the future?
  • Platform: Where are you attracting hires?

Understand how your brand is presented. Now that you've understood what makes up your brand, you need to know how your medical institution currently presents itself to potential hires. This will be important as every organization uses different language and messages to distinguish itself.

Make sure your job posts reflect your brand. Presenting a consistent brand from the beginning of a candidate's experience is important for making sure they connect with your institution as a brand. Make sure your job posts reflect the brand you're trying to present and that every new job also follows that idea. Make sure to update your facility photo and keep your job descriptions concise to highlight the most important pieces of information.

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