Hiring Tip for Healthcare Recruiters: Three Biggest Obstacles To Hiring

"Finding suitable candidates (46%), compensation (43%), and competition (39%) constitute the three biggest obstacles to hiring."

-LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends

Nomad Recommendations:

Take these actions to circumvent each of these obstacles:

  1. Find great candidates with detailed job posts. We match you with top candidates using the information you put in each job post. The more detail you put, the better we can find the best candidates for the job.

  2. Be flexible with compensation. Nomad offers rates that are significantly lower than other agencies. Take that money you're saving and give it back to the clinician to offer competitive rates that they can't say no to.

  3. Don't lose out to competition by responding quickly to candidates! If a clinician has already applied for a job and they're a good match for your needs, make sure to reach out to them within 24 hours to keep the conversation going. Clinicians are more likely to take a position with an employer they know cares about building a relationship.

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