Hiring Tip for Healthcare Recruiters: Communicate With Doctors In Their Favorite Way!

"98% of physicians prefer to receive information about job opportunities via email."

-MMS Survey Results

Nomad Recommendations:

Lucky for you, Nomad uses smart matching technology to automatically email doctors about opportunities that match their preferences. Take advantage of this by:

  1. Posting your needs when they open up. We can't email great candidates without knowing what your needs are! Now is the perfect time to post your summer needs with Memorial Day less than a month away.

  2. Add details to your job posts. Nomad's smart matching algorithm uses the details you add in each job post to notify matching clinicians of your needs. Add things like start date, pay rate and location to attract interested candidates.

  3. Responding directly from your inbox. When you receive a message or application from a candidate, you can view it and respond directly from your inbox! No need to log into Nomad to build a relationship with interesting candidates.

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