Hiring Tip for Healthcare Recruiters: Communicate With Candidates

"81% of job seekers say employers continuously communicating status updates to them would greatly improve their overall experience."

-2017 CareerBuilder Candidate Experience Study

In Case You Missed it....

This week, Nomad released three new features to help you stay on top of your pipeline of candidates!

New Job Admin Feature

Designate which team members are Job Admins for each job within each job's Edit Job page. Only Job Admins will receive email notifications and updates about their jobs, but all team members can still view and and manage each job.

TIP: Members of your team responsible for each job will be now instantly notified if a job activity occurs, so they can respond immediately.

Enhanced Jobs Dashboard

The new Jobs page now makes it easier to find the jobs you’re recruiting for by defaulting to show you only the jobs for which you're a Job Admin. If you want to see all other jobs within your organization, you can toggle to All Jobs.

TIP: Use this page to easily update a job if it's filled so that other candidates can stay informed about the status of their application!

Streamlined Candidates

Quickly find, view, and manage the candidates you’re working with. The new Candidates page now shows you the doctors that have applied or inquired about the jobs you’re working on. You can always toggle to All Candidates to see your full pipeline.

TIP: Click here to track where each candidate is in your pipeline!

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