Westward Bound: Hello, California and Texas!

Since launching on the East Coast last year, our team at Nomad has been thrilled with the tremendous interest and enthusiasm we’ve seen from doctors nationwide. Today we are honored to have thousands of doctors and hundreds of medical facilities connecting on the platform and setting up freelance clinical jobs without any recruiters. But we’ve long known that’s just been the beginning the journey to our Manifest Destiny...

Now, for doctors who’ve been California dreaming or wondering about life in the Lone Star state, we’ve got news we couldn’t be more excited to share - Nomad has moved west! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been bringing incredible new clinical job opportunities in California and Texas onto our platform.

Not only do we think California and Texas are great places to live and work, but we also feel that this expansion will be meeting a critical need for more doctors. According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, the United States is facing a shortage of up to 104,900 doctors by 2030. Among the states already hardest hit are - you guessed it - California and Texas. In California six of nine regions have too few primary care doctors. In Texas, 80 counties have five or fewer doctors and 35 have none at all. It’s clear that we urgently need better tools for connecting doctors to open jobs, and institutions to qualified providers.

The temporary healthcare staffing market that we’re working to transform is a $15 billion industry dominated old school brokers and agencies. They charge exorbitant fees and run cumbersome processes. Just like we have on the East Coast, Nomad is all about making the process of finding and filling healthcare jobs a lot more simple, modern, and efficient for clinicians and medical facilities alike. As the first digital service to eliminate third-party recruitment brokers and directly connect doctors with medical institutions, we’re passionate about ensuring that doctors spend less time job hunting and more time taking care of patients. With two new states to serve, we feel we’re making that passion a reality.

So, let the westward migration begin! We are excited for our doctors to begin enjoying sunshine-filled, flexible opportunities in California and Texas.

Visit nomadhealth.com to start searching clinical jobs coast-to-coast for free.


Alexi Nazem
Co-Founder and CEO
Nomad Health

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