Freelance Nursing Has Arrived in Florida and North Carolina!

You know what makes a good combination? Sunshine and Tar Heels!

OK not really.

But in this case they do because today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the first marketplace for freelance nursing in Florida and North Carolina - with the endorsement of the Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance (CCHA) and the Southern Atlantic Healthcare Alliance (SAHA).

It’s a move we couldn’t feel prouder of. While the clinician supply slightly exceeds the national average in North Carolina, much of that is concentrated in thriving healthcare hubs like the Research Triangle.

physician shortage in rural counties of North Carolina [Source: Gold LEAF]

This leaves several counties greatly underserved. In fact, every rural county in Western North Carolina has been designated as a Health Professional Shortage Area by the federal Health Resources and Services Administration.

Florida, for its part, is home to the highest percentage of Americans age 65 or older, according to the Pew Research Center. As a result, the need for both doctors and nurses is quickly rising.

However, 14% of physicians and 27% of nurses in Florida plan to retire within the next 5 years. As a result, there is a predicted statewide shortage of about 7,000 physicians and 50,000 nurses by 2025.

florida nursing shortage supply and demand projections [Source: Florida Center for Nursing]

For these reasons and more, we can’t wait to connect the 20,000 clinicians on our site with flexible job opportunities in both states.

“These are two of the fastest growing state populations in the nation and will therefore soon bear a disproportionate part of the clinician shortage burden,” says Dr. Alexi Nazem, our co-founder and CEO.

“We are confident that with our cutting-edge technology and partnership with leading organizations like CCHA and SAHA, we’ll be able to address these critical challenges and help get doctors and nurses to the facilities that need them to serve patients across the great states of Florida and North Carolina.”

So let’s get started! If you’re already a registered nurse on Nomad:

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We’re thrilled to have you!